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General Micro Systems has a policy that is simple but effective: to develop innovative products, manufacture quality products and deliver the very best customer service. Our equipment must conform to the customer’s requirements and work first time, every time, all the time.

GMS ensures that it performs to this standard by a continuing and continuous quality improvement process. It’s a question of corporate culture; through a total quality management system all staff at every level have been imbued with a commitment to quality.

GMS has been certified at ISO 9001 level for all of the last seventeen years; its work in military and aerospace programs is supported by meeting the highest standard of AS-9100C.

The business model could be described as “design and prototype”. Other people have the scale and efficiencies to manufacture the equipment that GMS designs. This means that General Micro Systems stays away from manufacturing and avoids the continuing round of major capital investment in production equipment with a limited life. Instead, GMS has manufacturing partners around the world who are selected for their quality systems and ability rapidly to increase or reduce the level of production. GMS describes this system as “virtual manufacturing”.

The benefit is clear: as customers’ needs vary, the GMS capability varies with it. An elastic manufacturing capacity reflects the realities of the marketplaces in which the company operates.

Copyrights mariordo@aol.comResearch and development is a different matter. GMS focuses on continuous product development and improvement and is able to do so not least because it does not have to do keep watch also on a bulk manufacturing process. There is a close link between General Micro Systems and giants in the field such as Intel Intelligent Systems Group (for CPUs) and Intel Data Centre Group (for server technologies).

All of this is backed up by a well-staffed and responsive support facility that ensures close cooperation with customers and immediate and effective response to queries.