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The computing requirements in oil, gas and mining exploration are similar to those of our military customers: rugged computers that will stand up to harsh conditions in the field, are light enough to be carried and show a very high performance to size ratio. In addition, they need to be light on power consumption.

It’s because of General Micro Systems’s high scores against those markers that GMS has become the supplier of choice in the exploration businesses. Conditions in the field are always challenging and sometimes hazardous, while computing needs are precise. VME provides an ideal solution to many of the problems faced and explains why companies such as Halliburton, Schlumberger and General Electric have been GMS stalwarts for some time.

The equipment we provide can be dumped in liquid, is proof against sparks and corrosion, withstands the harshest conditions and can be solar powered to operate a long way from a power source while remaining accurate in data collection and communication. The quest for green computing and energy efficiency is one where GMS already has a remarkable record and one we continue to explore.

600px-Harumphy.dg965.heatsinkAll GMS products have RuggedCool technology, the most advanced cooling system in computing. With RuggedCool an Intel CPU, TjMax 105°C, can operate at full load in temperatures between -40 Celsius and +85 Celsius. The secret is an exclusive technology using a corrugated alloy slug with minimum thermal resistance as a heat spreader at the processor die. With the heat spread over a much larger area, a sealed chamber containing a liquid silver compound transfers the heat to the system’s enclosure. This is instead of the thermal gap pads taking heat from CPU to cold plate as in all other ruggedised computers.

For all our success, General Micro Systems does not rest on its laurels. Research and product development continue to ensure that it is always GMS that offers the combination of the latest technology in the smallest boxes with the most rugged resistance to anything the world can throw at them.