Founded in 1979, General Micro Systems (GMS) supplies embedded single-board computers (SBCs) including VMEbus SBCs in 16, 32 and 64-bit models. GMS customers are in aerospace, defence, industrial control, imaging and telecoms. GMS products provide outstanding performance, remarkable longevity and great reliability and since the company was founded have supported more than thirty operating systems.

GMS innovation is well known and recognised; the company has received more “Product of the Year” awards than all its competitors put together. Innovations include, among many others, VME interface silicone, Intel processors on VME and multiple CPUs on an SBC.

Quality of software support matches quality of hardware design. General Micro Systems is the go-to specialist for BIOS development and software support for embedded microprocessors. GMS systems support includes remarkable custom drivers like the VME/IP (TCP/IP over VME to get around the “endian” issue) and real-time asynchronous multiprocessing (RAMP) allowing a single task to be addressed simultaneously by a number of processors in a VME card cage.

General Micro Systems is the world’s longest-surviving, best-performing supplier of embedded computers. GMS has shaped the computing world in its relationships with defence and aerospace, imaging, industrial control and many other areas and its investment in research, product development and innovation will ensure that it continues to exercise that influence.

For anyone looking for VME in a single board embedded environment, General Micro Systems is the obvious and only choice.

GMS offers off-the-shelf solutions as well as custom design that can provide the right approach to a wide variety of emerging problems. There is nothing a GMS designer likes more than to hear the words “I have a problem”. Whatever the problem may be, GMS looks forward to hearing about it and solving it.